Less than buildings

Po compared to pre-crisis period, the number of new buildings in Moscow decreased by almost a quarter, analysts estimate, “Miel.” Since the early 2000s. And up to the housing crisis in the capital city only grew, but at the end of 2008 turned out to be frozen for about 80% of Moscow’s buildings. New homes, which should enter the market at the turn of 2010-2011. Were to be laid in autumn 2008, so that the current winter season, “there is every chance to feel the shortage of new buildings on the market,” said last year the participants really rynka.I, new buildings now in Moscow less than before the crisis, Vladislav Lutskov calculated, the general director of analytical consulting center “Miel”: in the III quarter of 2010 the market is 278 against 357 facilities a year ago and 362 two years ago (see chart). “This new building, where the business being sold. Housing for social programs is not taken into account, “- explains Lutskov. Sokraschenie number of buildings connected not only with the fact that a number of sites has been frozen, but with the slowdown in output of new, said Konstantin Kovalyov, managing partner at Blackwood. According to his estimates, the number of buildings in Moscow decreased by about 30%. Not so clear, and the decrease in Moscow was not as dramatic counters head of the portal. Now in the Third Ring Road to the Ring Road sold 181 object, and at the beginning of 2008 – 195. But if we compare the total amount in the primary market of Moscow region (Moscow and Moscow region), now objects to the sale of even more: 886 against 710 in 2008, “The market began to come out for new projects, and many old buildings have not sold out” – said on.V III quarter of the market went the maximum number of objects from the beginning of 2009, is pleased Lutskov. According to Kovalev, most new proposals in the lower end in September 2010 the volume of such sentences rose by 50% compared with the beginning of summer. “This is the only segment in which the cost of apartments is correlated with the ability to pay the real buyers. So as you move the construction and reduce the number of unsold apartments developers raise prices.


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